Day 38


Day 38

Housing is going to look different for everyone. There are pros and cons to all housing options. The general consensus regarding millennial's is that they will forgo single-family detached properties and instead seek out rent/condo options that allow for flexibility and reduced responsibility. Many are looking for areas where they can work, sleep, play all in one convenient space (think: Gateway Mall/ City Creek). These two spaces (each having a different ratio of the three elements) have shopping/work opportunities on the ground floors with housing on the upper floors. While both provide easy access to the airport (via Trax) so residents can go see the world. In the case of City Creek, a resident can work, shop (even buy groceries at Harmon's), have (limited) entertainment, and travel to see the world and only walk outside for about 20 feet. No need to own a car or even a coat!

Quiz 5.6

  1. Video: Teen Titans Go! - Equity

  2. 07 Housing PRESENTATION

    1. Cost of Renting

    2. Lease

    3. Landlord/Property Manager

    4. Tenant

    5. Advantages/Disadvantages of Renting

    6. Home Ownership

    7. Equity

    8. Collateral

    9. Down Payment

    10. Closing Costs

    11. Advantages/Disadvantages of Ownership

  3. (Journal Questions 1-) Real “estate” School