Day 4

Scarcity and Choices

Day 4: How our goals and values impact our spending choices.

  1. Quiz 1.1

  2. Video: A Cheapskate Movie Date

  3. Video: Extreme Couponing

  4. 04 Scarcity and Choices PRESENTATION

  5. Life Plan Project Introduction

  6. Life Plan Project - Section 1 Family/Lifestyle

  7. Parent/Guardian Discussion 1

  8. Optional: Why is Generation Y

  9. (Journal Questions 1-2) Do your Grades reflect the average of your five closest friends

    1. I found a “new” group of friends the summer before my Senior year of high school. They don’t know it (until now), but they changed the trajectory of my entire life. Read this post about the effect that friends have on your future success and click to Follow the Young Finance page!