Day 37


Day 37

We have a “term-life” insurance bias. Meaning that we encourage students to purchase a 30-50 year term life policy while in their very-early twenties. This bias is based solely on the concept of becoming “self-insured,” meaning that the student will have sufficient savings/investments to cover expenses (death/no-debt, in this case) when they are retired (60-death).

However, there are valid exceptions to this advice. For instance, if you have a known hereditary issue that manifests in your family at 60+ years old then you would want a whole-life annuity. While annuities aren’t part of the test, they may be something the kids should at least be exposed too. An annuity is a type of insurance that pays for itself after reaching maturity. Also, if the student doesn’t believe that they will be able to be self-insured (learning disability, etc. that would impact lifelong earnings) then the whole-life annuity will be a better choice.

Quiz 5.5

  1. Video: Restaurant of Life

  2. 06 Insurance PRESENTATION

    1. Risk

    2. Insurance

    3. Policy

    4. Premium

    5. Deductible

    6. Automobile Insurance

    7. Liability

    8. Comprehensive

    9. Rates

    10. Health Insurance

    11. Life Insurance

    12. Homeowners Insurance

    13. Renters Insurance

  3. Video: Star Wars Insurance

  4. Insurance Questions

  5. Discussion 5.3 - Insurance

  6. (Journal Questions 1-2) Insurance Options