Day 10

Applying for a Job

Day 10

Resume Project is intended to create an “adult usable” resume. Based of real-life personal experiences worded as an adult would word it. Instead of “Baby-sitting”, the student would type Child-care. Instead of “Mowing Lawns” the student would type Landscaping or Yard Maintenance.

  1. Quiz 2.3

  2. Video: UP - Applying for a Job

  3. 04 Applying for a Job PRESENTATION

    1. Job Application

    2. Resume Examples

    3. Cover Letter

    4. Thank You Letter

    5. Job Interview

  4. 05 Dress for Success – Discussion

  5. Resume Worksheet

  6. Discussion 2

  7. 11 Resume Worksheet Homework

  8. (Journal Questions 1-3) Learn VS Earn

    1. Today, I want to express the importance of the letter “L.” What a difference one little letter can make when it’s place in front of the word “Earn.” I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer break, it’s time to GO TO WORK! I don’t expect you to earn anything, it’s time you learn a lot.