Day 32

Credit Cards

Day 32

Today is all things Credit Cards.

The Credit Card Comparison Activity is similar to the Depository Institution and Stock Brokerage activities. (Should only take about 20 min.)

Highlights of the PowerPoint: This course is NOT credit card adverse. We promote the wise use of credit cards. APR: includes interest and any fees. It’s a way to compare loan/credit card offers “apples to apples.” Schumer Box: list all of the fees and penalties per credit card offer.

Quiz 5.1

  1. Video: Despicable Me - The Bank of Evil

  2. Video Link: Store credit cards a good deal or discount disappointment

  3. 02 Credit Cards & Loans PRESENTATION

      1. Interest

      2. Credit Line

      3. APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

      4. Finance Charge

      5. Annual Fees

      6. Minimum Payment

      7. Due Date

      8. Late Payment Fee

      9. Schumer Box

      10. Penalty Fees

      11. Installment

      12. Revolving

      13. Co-signer

      14. Collateral

  4. Video Link: How to Stay Out of Debt

  5. Credit Card Comparison Activity

  6. (Journal Questions 1-2) Street