How To - Budget

Set-up & Questions

Use the following resources to complete Day 19 Electronic Budget Simulation.

  1. Start with your Lesson Outline on the page for Day 19. You will see a list of Tracked Expenses for five (5) different jobs.

  2. Create a copy in your google drive of the Electronic Budget

  3. Use the Tracked Expenses on your Lesson Outline to fill out the boxes in the Budget.


    1. Keep the expenses in chronological/date order.

    2. Skip Categories, using the categories in the date order from the Tracked Expenses.

    3. Only enter your Net Income once. Leave all other income boxes empty.

Abbreviations in the Tracked Expenses

        1. NI = Net Income

        2. Ent = Entertainment

        3. Ntl. Gas = Natural Gas

        4. Life Ins = Life Insurance

        5. Rent Ins = Renter Insurance

        6. C.C./S.L. = Credit Card or Student Loan Debt (NOTE: There is not a category for debt so you will have to decide how to categorize it.)

        7. Car Ins = Car Insurance

        8. Car Pmt = Car Payment

  1. The video below will show you how to complete the first few expenses.

Use the following resources to answer the Budget Day Questions that in your Lesson Outlines.

Instructions on how to answer the Budget Day questions