Day 27

Stock Market

Day 27

More or less a continuation of yesterday’s discussion with more detail and emphasis on choosing individual stocks to invest in. You may want to stress that IRA/401k accounts are pre-diversified based on the goal of a particular fund. However, some IRA/401k accounts allow you to invest a portion of the fund in individual stocks. So, even if you currently don’t plan on purchasing an individual stock with our own money, you may as some future date still buy stock with a portion of your fund.

Quiz 4.4

  1. Budget Question Day 2

    1. It’s the 12th of the Month

      • Teacher: Bank Account = $856.81

      • Auto Technician: Bank Account = $1,128.32

      • Associate Professor: Bank Account = $1773.65

      • Lab Technician: Bank Account = $2,402.34

      • Computer Programmer: Bank Account = $2,454.96

    2. You decided to buy the Trapstep artists rave tickets from Savings and had a lot of fun at the rave last night. However, you jumped off the stage and no one caught you. Do you have $75 in your budget to cover the Hospital Copay?

  2. Video: School House Rocks the Street

  3. Video: Ted Talk: How the Stock Market Works

  4. 09 Stock Market PRESENTATION

    1. Cyclical

    2. Countercyclical

    3. Blue-Chip

  5. Video: Nestle Bigger Than You Know

  6. Life Plan – Completed Project

  7. (Journal Questions 1-2) Adding Bubbles to your Bathtub