Day 19

Electronic Budget Simulation

Day 19- Creating a budget and using the google sheets budget to create a lifelong budget.

Quiz 3.4

  1. Video: I'm a Foodie

  2. Video: World's Biggest Cheapo

  3. 05 Electronic Budget Simulation.

  4. Unit 3 Test Review

  5. Budgets Vocabulary Review

  6. Life Plan Section 3 - Finance & Wealth

  7. Parent/Guardian Discussion 3

  8. (Journal Questions 1-) Learning to Crawl before you Walk before you Run

    1. I’m pillaging from the adage “first-things-first” in today’s post. I cannot overstate the importance of learning to budget your money. Whether your 16 or 61 you simply cannot leave this life happy unless you have learned how to budget.